Our philosophy

published at 2014-01-25 03:28:22


Ocean's Distillery focuses on The World of the Rum, drink closely related to the seas and oceans, slaves, settlers, pirates, sailors and great voyages full of adventure and bloody battles.

For us, there is no better way to honour this Noble Beverage that make it part of the name of what not only saw it born, but made it grow and be great, bringing it to every corner of the planet.

We began a long journey across the oceans and through the time in quest of a prized treasure, the secrets of The Art of Blending. An ancestral and inaccessible skill whose key is zealously guarded by a loyal keeper, The Master Blender.

Hundred of notes and comments written for years, have been the beginning to acquire the perfect understanding of the effects that weather, wood and time generate on the Rum, allowing us to develop a vast knowledge about taste creation, about Blending.

In Ocean's we continue focusing our efforts on the development and the detailed study of alternative production techniques that allow us to improve, in an efficient and continued way, the traditional methods for the rum-making process.


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