Singular Blend

published at 2014-01-25 03:11:39


Speaking about Rum involves talking about history, tales and legends, customs and traditions, tribes and their cultures, nations and their people.

The Singular Blend concept defines a firm commitment to quality through honesty and transparency, as a tribute to all those who have decided to keep alive the spirit and essence of the traditional, handmade and natural way of making Rum.

Under this distinctive seal it is carried out a careful control in the selection and making process of our rums, taking care of every detail and analysing in depth each of the production stages: cultivation techniques of sugar cane, fermentation and distillation methods, ageing systems and quality control, analysis and guidelines for selection of rums that will compose the future blends, appropriate choice and correct use of barrels and wood, inputs control and full traceability of Rum.

In conclusion, Singular Blend intends to become a complex work philosophy, motivated by a deep sentiment of respect for the Rum.


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