Our ranges of rum

Where it all began ...

Since time immemorial man has been mixing different elements, trying to obtain from them, new ones of greater complexity and quality. But despite how old mixing activity is, its techniques have remained extremely hidden.

Years ago, we began a long journey across the oceans and through the time in quest of a prized treasure, the secrets of The Art of Blending. An ancestral and inaccessible skill whose key is zealously guarded by a loyal keeper, The Master Blender.

Hundred of notes and comments written for years, have been the beginning to acquire the perfect understanding of the effects that weather, wood and time generate on the Rum, allowing us to develop a vast knowledge about taste creation, about Blending.

Nothing happens by chance ...

Ocean's Distillery focuses on The World of the Rum, drink closely related to the seas and oceans, slaves, settlers, pirates, sailors and great voyages full of adventure and bloody battles. For us, there is no better way to honour this Noble Beverage that make it part of the name of what not only saw it born, but made it grow and be great, bringing it to every corner of the planet

Since ancient times, lighthouses have guided the ships in its approach to terra firma, avoiding countless wrecks near the coast. Our image is a Lighthouse that casts its light in the vast darkness of the ocean, guiding to fruition all those who want to immerse themselves in a fascinating journey full of mysteries to be revealed, enigmas to be solved and new sensations to be discovered. A fascinating journey towards The True Origin of the Rum

An Astrolabe, an instrument formerly used by navigators to locate the stars and observe their movements, defines the character of our Rum. Thus, being able to determine the time and measure distances at sea. Our star-taker hopes to become a reliable tool with which to navigate without fear of getting lost among the fables, myths and legends that obscure and distort The True History of the Rum.

Thus is born Ocean'S Rum, a family of rums of exceptional quality, made following the use of bestpractices and respecting the traditional, handmade and natural rum-making process.

Where the tradition meets the progress ...

For making of our Blends, we conduct a rigorous and controlled selection of rums from various sources, according to its special and differentiating characteristics. These rums are subject to our ageing Singular system, being introduced in White Oak barrels from varied origins and different levels of toast. Thus begins the process of blending, which prints each of the rums a unique and distinctive character. To finalize, after full maturation and according to its sensory properties, the Rum is finished in different types of Virgin Wood that give it The Finishing Touch before the reposing and bottling.

Our method consists of four different stages, all of great importance at the time of producing a Rum of excellent properties: impregnate, mature, finish and repose.

  1. In the impregnation step, the Rum character starts to forge. During this first stage the freshly distilled Rum absorbs the components of the wood very rapidly. The movement and the perseverance are solid foundation at this level.

  2. Then it starts the maturation stage, in which is defined the Rum style, determining its body. During this second stage, the Rum transforms its young character, unbalanced and rough, into a mature character, structured and mellow. The stillness and patience are key pillars at this phase.

  3. The finishing stage shows the best Rum face. During this third phase the Rum essence is completed, writing its best presentation. Intuition and imagination bring to fruition at that moment.

  4. Finally, the resting stage will help the Rum to find its way towards The Perfect Balance. The passion and respect are the finishing touch to a job well done.

The journey continues ...

In Ocean's we continue focusing our efforts on the development and the detailed study of alternative production techniques that allow us to improve, in an efficient and continued way, the traditional methods for the rum-making process.

We are really aware of the effects that climate, wood and time generate in the Rum, in such a way that the conscientious study of the Cooperage ends up being imperative for us, as an effective way to help us to understand and know in depth the connection that occurs between them.

As a final point, we can state with absolute certainty that The Sugar Cane grew and matured for centuries in our Mediterranean Coast. It is our firm intention to recover that chapter of history, now forgotten, returning to this land a small part of all that it gave us. There, where it all began ...

Our ranges of rum